7 Thoughtful Gifts To Help the Essential Workers in Your Life Kick Back at Home

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There’s no denying that essential workers—whether they’re in health care, delivery, or staffing the grocery store—have been the real angels of 2020. No matter how you celebrate the holidays, it’s an important year to acknowledge all the ways our front-line heroes have gotten us through it.

So if you have friends or family members putting their health on the line and working long hours to keep us safe and supplied, we’ve identified some holiday gift ideas that will make their day—and possibly pin you as a hero in their eyes.

1. Instant Pot

Essential worker gifts
Instant Pot


As anyone who has ever worked long hours can attest, there’s nothing quite like having a hot meal waiting at home for you. Enter: the Instant Pot.

Your favorite essential worker will be able to cook entire entrees, soups, and even desserts with minimal prep, or just use it to speed up the cook time of those dishes that take longer, like rice or beans.

Shop the entire collection of Instant Pots (starting at $49) at Walmart.

2. Home massage kit

Essential worker gifts
Deep-tissue massage gun


While we’re not suggesting you start giving deep-tissue massages to all your friends (although they’d probably love you for it), we are offering up a pretty sweet alternative.

“My husband is a physician’s assistant at an urgent-care facility, so I’ve witnessed firsthand the things that have helped him through the pandemic,” says design blogger Jaime Huffman, of Charleston Blonde. “A massage gun is a fantastic gift for anyone, but especially for essential workers who spend all day working on their feet.”

Help them work out their aches and pains with this deep-tissue massage gun ($76).

3. Foot soak tub

Essential worker gifts
Foot spa bath massager


Ensure your essential workers give their tired feet some TLC with a massaging foot soak tub. Not only will the hot water help their muscles relax after a long day of standing or running around, but the massage feature will further treat any pain or tenderness they have. It’s also just a great way to ensure your essential workers are taking a bit of “me” time.

Try this foot spa bath massager ($49) and top it off with a few of your essential workers’ favorite magazines to read while they soak.

4. Sunrise alarm clock

Essential worker gifts
Philips SmartSleep sunrise alarm clock


While a normal alarm clock might be the last gift you want to give someone (especially someone who’s overworked these days), this alarm clock is a little different.

“Consider getting them a sunrise alarm clock, which wakes you up gently and gradually with increasing amounts of light and sound,” suggests Huffman. “This type of home decor will truly make an essential worker’s home feel like a sanctuary.”

Let this Philips SmartSleep Sunrise alarm clock ($169) add some soothing vibes to their morning routine.

5. Therapeutic bedding

Essential worker gifts
Gymax weighted blanket


Here’s another great gift to give the essential worker in your life: a good night’s sleep.

“Gift them an ergonomic pillow or a cozy throw to keep them warm during the chilly winter nights and encourage more restful sleep,” suggests Huffman. “Weighted blankets are also an excellent gift, as they stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to calm frazzled nerves and induce deeper calm.”

Check out this Anvo memory foam pillow ($35) or this Gymax weighted blanket ($48) to help your essential worker get some much needed shut-eye.

6. Sophisticated, eco-conscious laundry soap

Essential worker gifts
The Laundress laundry detergents

The Launderess

While doing laundry typically isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, this amazing soap might just change that.

Eco-friendly and oh, so delicious, the collection of various laundry detergents from The Laundress is sure to put some luxury back into laundry, even for the busy essential worker in your life.

But don’t just stop at one type of soap; try the company’s Best Sellers Kit ($69) so your essential worker has everything she needs to wash her work uniform and all those other delicate items in one go.

7. Favorite delivery service

Essential workers gifts
Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines

One thing your essential workers probably don’t have a lot of these days is time. Save them some by getting a gift to their favorite subscription service, so they never run out of essential favorites again.

“Hands-down, I’d recommend a gift subscription to Dry Farm Wines,” says Amanda Gates of Gates Interior Design. “I’ve had this service for three years, and the wines are all natural, with no added sulfites or sugar. No hangovers, no aches and pains, just damn good wine! Something each and every essential worker deserves.”

Give your essential worker the gift of damn good wine this season from Dry Farm Wines gifts.

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