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With Dupont Linhoff Patient Assessments electronic
data collection process, you will be able to:

Cancer Navigators - Real-time quality-of-life patient reports include Review-Systems.

Quickly Access Patient Self-Assessment Results - Our tablet-entry system fields questionnaires in English and Spanish allowing higher response rates and documentation for your populations. Registries, protocols and 1st –level questions automatically link-up in the Electronic Patient Interview.

Electronic interview takes no staff time: - Patient ID triggers protocol assessments for screening, assessing, and accreditation requirements. Easily collect clinic-level PHQ-9 depression scales that link to your electronic record.

Develop Screening Strategies for Integrated Health - Survey assessment combinations allow you to cross-reference patients for increased-care evaluations and accurate referrals then feed results into electronic medical record databases.

AHRQ Patient Safety Culture Surveys- Survey tablets instantly update dashboard graphs and frequency reports as data uploads. Select department reports using online data-filters and drill-down to location: Acute Care, Critical Care, Behavioral Health, to job: LPN/RN, attending physician, administration and other demographics. “Response rates are phenomenal,” says a Colorado hospital.